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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 7/16

Well, yesterday was fun. Said no one.

Hey, actual football!
Hey, actual football!
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: If you have not done so already, you need to read Ted's FanPost on stories relating to the Kluwe fiasco here. If any of the crap that closed those threads spills over into the regular Open Threads, we will a) stop doing the Open Threads all together and b) start handing out vacations. You've been warned. -Chris

Yesterday started out nice and quietly enough.  Then the Vikings, in Minnesota Vikings manner, pulled a PR move that really wasn't the smartest with regards to the current Chris Kluwe investigation. To recap:

The Vikes said the investigation was complete, but they might not release it. Chris Kluwe said he was going to call a press conference.

In anticipation of all the buzzwords and catchphrases relevant to said press conference, we all had an opportunity to play Kluwe press conference Bingo.

At the press conference, Kluwe and his attorney Clayton Halunen said they were going to sue the Vikings.

During the Kluwe presser, Christopher Madel, one of the attorneys the Vikings hired to conduct the investigation, released a statement about said investigation.

Eric and Chris decided yesterday was a good day to talk football HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fearless Leader gave us another top play, and Eric gave us a preview of an alternate uniform the Vikings never used from the early aughts.

From elsewhere:

John Holler at Viking Update tells us AP's red zone carries are on the decline.

Teddy Bridgewater swishing a football from full court? Teddy Bridgewater swishing a football from full court.

More Johnny Cash? More Johnny Cash:

Play nice. Bar--open. Politics/religion--NOOOO. Beer light--on.