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Minnesota Vikings News And Notes, 7/17

Your Vikings news from around the Internet

Adam Bettcher

Hey kids, good morning.  So the last couple days have been like chewing glass around here WRT a certain former punter and the case surrounding him, the team, and a current coach.

Let's suffice it to say it's well past the point of rational discussion for of our community, so this is what we've done, and it will be our new policy going forward. No, I don't care if you don't like the new policy. Keep the Kluwe stuff out of the open threads, too, because yesterday's open thread became a train wreck. If you feel that strongly about it, email me at tglover47d at gmail dot com and we'll discuss. But I'm done talking about this story in the comments.

Now, back to football.

Di brought the heat with part one of her exclusive interview with Michele Tafoya. Part 2 will be up this morning, and there's a lot of Vikings talk, so stay tuned.

CCNorseman looked at AP through a Norv Turner offensive lens, and projected some fantasy numbers for him.

From elsewhere around the Internet:

A couple days ago Eric, in a valiant attempt to discuss anything but, you know, the Kluwe stuff, gave us a story about a rejected uniform design the Vikings had back in 2003. The alternate uniform was a black jersey, and Brian Robison thinks it's something the team should re-look.

Carl over at Vikings Territory asks if the Vikings can go from worst to first.

The Minnesota Vikings are now worth one biiiillllllionnnnn dollars.

Johnny Cash has served us well this week, so here's one more:

The rules of the daily open thread are simple, and haven't changed in over 77 years: no politics, no religion. Just so we're clear, and there's no misunderstanding:



Don't feed anyone who decides to troll. And if you have to use the bad words, use the spoiler tags.  So, the beer light is on (whisky and bourbon for us moderators because THANKS FOR THE LAST COUPLE DAYS) and the bar is open.  Have a good Thursday, gang.