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Kluwe To Delay Lawsuit; Settlement Talks Resume


In today's installment of Oh, For the Love of All Things Good and Holy Just Please Make This Crap F***ing Stop Already Please Please Please, it turns out that former Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe is going to delay filing his lawsuit against the Minnesota Vikings, and settlement talks between the two sides have started again.

The story, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

"We have spoken with the Vikings lawyer Joe Anthony and we have agreed to recommend to our clients that they continue with their conversations,'' Halunen said Wednesday. "We will not be taking any action pending the completion of those discussions.''

Halunen said there is no timetable set for how long the talks might go on but expects it would be just several weeks at the most.

"We have not set a deadline so I can't say there's a deadline but I think both sides are interested in trying to determine whether or not our conversations are going to be a productive in a very short period," Halunen said. "I don't expect it to be very long.

"I would expect within the next couple of weeks we're going to know whether we're going to continue talking or moving forward (with a possible lawsuit).''

Oh, within the next couple of weeks. Mmmm hmmm. Or, you know, they could drag out until right around the time the regular season is about to start, which I'm sure would be completely and totally coincidental.

Cynical? Perhaps. . .but, really, what reason have we been given not to be?