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Vikings Camp Starts With A Rude Awakening

"Those guys think they're going to get some sleep, do they?"
"Those guys think they're going to get some sleep, do they?"
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings reported to Mankato for Training Camp on Thursday. Unlike past years, they did a conditioning test on Thursday. . .before camp even officially kicks off. . .and I'm sure that after all of that they were looking forward to getting a nice, relaxing night's sleep before the first full day of camp on Thursday.

Yeah. . .not so much, no.

It turns out that the fire alarm in the building that the players are staying in decided to go off at about 1:30 AM. (Well, not "decided," I guess, what with the fire alarm being an inanimate object and everything.) So everyone had to grab whatever clothing they felt was appropriate. . .it appears that all of the players opted for pants, at the very least. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that got a slight flashback to Basic Training after hearing about this sort of thing.

We can't blame the old Gage Towers for this. . .those were blown up last summer, and the players are now staying in a different building on campus.

Some, like our friends at The Viking Age, are wondering if maybe coach Mike Zimmer had something to do with this as a way to keep the players on their toes.


But, I'll be honest. . .knowing what we know about Zimmer thus far, I'm not sure that would entirely surprise me.

Hopefully the rest of camp will be a little less eventful for our favorite football team. Our coverage of everything from Mankato will start this morning with the first walk-through.