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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Saturday Morning Practice Recap

Another walk through with a little rain to end the morning

Ted Glover, Daily Norseman

The Saturday morning practice was fairly uneventful, with individual unit walkthroughs, some 11 on 11, and special teams kick coverage to wrap things up.  Let's recap this morning's events, shall we?


No changes to the offensive depth chart.  QB Matt Cassel took all the snaps with the first team offense, and Teddy Bridgewater took all the snaps with the second team.  The offensive line starting five remains the same, but I added the second team in behind them. Again, like everything else, keep in mind this is early and judge accordingly.


First Team

Second Team


Matt Kalil

Antonio Richardson


Charlie Johnson

David Yankey


John Sullivan

Joe Berger


Brandon Fusco

Vlad Ducasse


Phil Loadholt

Mike Remmers

Cordarrelle Patterson did not practice this morning, but was on the field for the entire practice, observing behind the offense.  Jarius Wright took Patterson's place with the first team, and both Adam Thielen and Kain Colter worked in reps with the second team offense.  If there's an early trend there, it's that past the top four WR's of Greg Jennings, Patterson, Wright, and Jerome Simpson, Colter and Thielen are 1 and 1A. Make me pick right now, I'd say Thielen, but Colter's versatility is tantalizing.

One thing that's apparent, and seems to be a big difference from past camps is the emphasis on teaching. After every play, each position coach is teaching and/or emphasizing something to either an individual or to the group. Now that may sound like it's a knock on the previous staff, but keep in mind they had a system in place that didn't change from 2006 until this year.  With a new offensive and defensive system, teaching and emphasis is key, and this staff is doing both.


Anthony Barr was the only change to the depth chart from yesterday, working his way on to the first team for some reps on the right outside LB position.  Arif spent most of the practice there, and had this to say about the nickel:

I know everyone is asking about the offensive and defensive line play, but it's just too early to tell. These walkthroughs and shell practices really limit the lines from going full speed, for obvious reasons.  The Vikings will have their first practice in pads tomorrow afternoon, and we'll know a lot more then.

The afternoon practice starts at 3:00, and runs until 5:30. There's a chance of rain, so hopefully it won't get moved indoors. Either way, I won't run out of battery juice on Twitter like I did yesterday, thanks to a portable charger provided by Mankato Batteries plus Bulbs. Thanks for what is now an essential piece of blogger equipment!