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Talking Teddy Bridgewater

A look at what other players and coaches think of Teddy Bridgewater as well as what he thinks of his role on the team.

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Adrian Peterson is the face of the franchise, Cordarrelle Patterson is an up and coming superstar, but everyone's attention is on first round draft pick Teddy Bridgewater.  Here are bits and pieces I've compiled to give an overview of what other players and coaches are saying about him and also what he thinks his role on the team is.

Kyle Rudolph:

"Teddy's a good kid.  Teddy came in right away after the draft.  He does nothing but work hard.  Doesn't say a whole lot. And he also comes into a very unique situation.  A lot of young quarterbacks come into the league and don't have veteran quarterbacks who are willing to work with them because they don't want to lose their jobs.  But here, the situation that he comes into with Christian and Matt, they provide him with everything he needs to get better.  he comes into a very favorable situation.  Coming in with an offensive coordinator like Norv, a quarterbacks coach like Scott, and like I said, having two veterans who have won ten games, who've taken teams to the playoffs and he's got all the talent in the world.  If he can go out there and learn and absorb as much as he can and learn from those four guys, he'll set himself up.  He's a young kid.  He's 21 years old.  He's got a lot of room to grow still."

Cordarrelle Patterson:

"Teddy has been good.  I have had the opportunity to go in with him a few times.  He is looking good.  He is a young guy and feel like he is going to be the star of this team one of these years."

Matt Cassel:

"It has been great.  Teddy has come in and works hard.  He is quiet for a rookie, which is always a good thing.  He actually got me a Gatorade today, which I was really thankful for.  He works hard and I have been very impressed with his work ethic and how he picks up the offense.  We have had a great relationship and the same goes with myself and with Christian (Ponder) as well.  Last year we had a great room and I think that it is important because we spend a lot of time together."

Coach Norv Turner:

"Teddy's preparation and study habits have been outstanding.  He's worked really, really hard at it.  I talked to three or four guys in Florida, three or four guys who when he got back here were working out with him every day.  I don't think he has taken a vacation, he may have taken two or three days off.  It still is a lot for a young guy, as we have a lot of volume in our offense.  He's worked extremely hard and has been handling things really well.  When he is playing, there is going to be a different set of things we than when Matt (Cassel) is playing, even in terms of what we even do out here because they have different strengths and weaknesses.  It gives us a chance to look at a lot of different things and become a complete offense."

Below is a compilation of quotes taken from an after practice press conference with Teddy Bridgewater:

Q:  Any trepidation out there today?

TB:  No, it was all excitement.  I mean, when you come out the first day and the fans are in the stands, it's all excitement, a dream come true to finally be able to get the first practice in the books.  I'm just excited for the season.

Q:  With Matt Cassel, Coach said entering training camp, as the starter, do you feel it's kind of his job to lose or you have to flat out beat him out.  Do you agree with that?

TB:  Well, you know, right now my focus is just on getting better every single day.  I know Coach Zimmer will make the best decision for the team.  If the coaches and staff feel that I'm ready, then that's when I feel my number will be called.  Until then, my role is to continue to push Matt.

Q:  You've been open about how much time you spend with the playbook, every single morning, and making that dedication.  How is your confidence right now?

TB:  It's pretty high right now.  It's extremely high when you have guys out there making diving and making acrobatic catches for you, so you just put the time into the playbook and come out and execute on the field.

Q:  What's the biggest change from the college game that you've noticed in your short time as a pro?

TB:  The biggest change is the speed of the game.  In the NFL, guys aren't wide open anymore.  There are much smaller windows to throw into.  I have to be faster in my decision making.  Have to be faster dropping back into the pocket and faster with my delivery.

Q: Going from the football season to the combines to the OTAs, you haven't stopped playing football.  Do you think t   that will help you as you go in and make a campaign for this position?

TB:  It's helping a lot.  It's really helping with my endurance.  Like you said, it's been a non-stop process.  All the hard work is paying off finally, so I'm just looking forward to the upcoming season.  We've got a group of guys on this team, a group of veterans who are eager to get back to the playoffs, so I'm just, you know, looking forward to the season.

Q:  Do you feel any pressure, there are a lot of guys in the fan base saying you're supposed to rejuvenate this organization.  Do you feel any pressure?

TB:  No, no pressure at all.  When you have a group of guys on this team like Chad Greenway, Adrian Peterson, the list goes on and on.  A group of guys who are the leaders of this team who welcome you with open arms they take the load off your shoulders.  You know, I'm a rookie, they're the veterans.  They are teaching me the ways right now.  I mean, it's a smooth process.

Q:  What's it been like working with Christian and Matt?

TB:  It's been good.  I've been able to learn from those guys both mentally and physically.  You're talking about two guys who've led teams to the playoffs.  Matt has established himself in the National Football League and Christian has also.   So I'm just trying to learn from those guys from a mental standpoint, what motivates those guys and from a physical standpoint.  You know Matt is like in his 9th or 10th year.  It takes a lot of stamina.  You have to have a lot of endurance.

Q:  The Vikings have been looking for a franchise quarterback for some time.  What's going to make you the man?

TB:  Right now, I can't even tell you.  It's too early to look down the road, but right now I'm just going to continue to try to get better.  Try not to make the same mistake twice and get better each day.