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Minnesota Vikings Sign Kyle Rudolph To 5 Year Contract Extension

The third year TE out of Notre Dame just made some bank

Leon Halip

TE Kyle Rudolph, who is already 5th in team history for career touchdowns by a tight end, signed a five year contract extension late Saturday. According to the man with the coolest name in beat writer history, the deal is worth $36.5 million, with $19.4 million guaranteed.

Rudolph, a second round pick out of Notre Dame in 2011, is one of the better tight ends in the NFL, and is having a very good training camp so far.  He looks to be a serious weapon that Norv Turner wants to utilize, and the Vikings were happy they could get him locked up for another five years.


Rick Spielman released a statement regarding the extension.  Because we are trained in the ways of doublespeak*, subterfuge**, and a little bit of espionage***, we can decipher what Rick actually meant from what he really said.

*We really can't. Not even sure I know what doublespeak means.

**Isn't a subterfuge that thing where particles collide?

***If by espionage, you mean 'We know how to drink beer', then yeah, we're trained.

As always, what Rick said is in quotes, and what he really meant is right below.****

****I can't emphasize enough that I have no idea what he really meant. Pure conjecture on my part.

What Rick Said: I'm very excited to get this extension done with Kyle. We drafted him, he's done a tremendous job since he's been here. Our whole focus on moving forward in this organization is to draft our players, develop them and keep them here. He's one of our young guys who is going to be a building block as we go forward in the future and just very excited to get this behind us so we can look forward to seeing him produce over the coming years.

What Rick Meant: I'm really happy that at least one of the guys we picked from the 2011 draft is going to be around past his rookie contract. I tell you that our focus is drafting, developing, and moving forward with our players, but when you look at the class of 2011, you might hear me say that and then spit Diet Coke through your nose from laughing. I mean, other than Rudolph and Brandon Fusco, that draft class turned out to be a tire fire, didn't it? Hopefully, a few years from now, we'll still have Fusco too, and people will look back on that class and go 'well, it was okay in spite of drafting Christian Ponder'.  I mean, I doubt they will, but HEY LOOK KYLE RUDOLPH WOOO!