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The Pink Escalade Is No Longer Pink

As you probably saw months ago, in the week leading up to the NFL Draft, Teddy Bridgewater presented his mother with a brand new, bright pink Cadillac Escalade. The story was that when Bridgewater was in the third grade, he promised his mother, Rose. . .a breast cancer survivor. . .a brand new Escalade when he made it to the National Football League.

(And, hey, I don't think I had actually posted the video on here anywhere, so this gives me as good a reason as any to do so. Because it's pretty awesome.)

As it turns out, according to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the pink Cadillac is. . .well, no longer a pink Cadillac.

Because of the timing of Cadillac wanting to provide the vehicle for Bridgewater to give to Rose Murphy in the week leading up to the draft and Mother's Day, the Escalade didn't have a permanent pink paint job.

"We had just started building that all-new Escalade and the vehicle we actually presented her had a temporary paint coat,'' said Cadillac advertising director Craig Bierley. "But we gave her the resources to be able to paint the car (with a permanent job).''

The Escalade is now white, and Rose Murphy is driving it around South Florida.

Whether the Escalade is pink, white, black, silver, or whatever, it was still a pretty great thing for Teddy Bridgewater to have done. And the video makes you definitely smile and tell yourself that this guy is on our side.

Though I do wonder if anyone in South Florida could maybe make that Escalade a nice shade of purple. . .