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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Thursday Practice Open Thread

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We're once again bringing you the best coverage of Minnesota Vikings training camp anywhere on the interwebs. As always, we hope that you've been enjoying the coverage thus far.

Once again, here is the Twitter feed for all of our Daily Norseman contributors. Today, Eric will be in Mankato along with Arif. Eric will be there on Friday and Saturday as well.

As usual, and much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone, we will ask you to keep the GIFs away from this thread so that if people are looking for information they don't get bogged down. There's always plenty of room for that sort of zaniness in the regular Open Thread.

Unlike yesterday's practice, which got cut short, it appears that the team will be having two full practices today. The first one will get underway in just about half an hour or so (10:30 AM Central), and the second one will begin at approximately 3 PM Central.

Again, enjoy our coverage of Minnesota Vikings training camp!