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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, 7/7

Your daily news round up and open thread

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Hi kids, hope you had a good weekend, and all the freedom you could stand.  Mine was good, thanks for asking.  If you're a man, and didn't grill and/or smoke something, Richard Simmons is in the next room. You can turn in your man card to him there.

Since last we had an open thread...

CCNorseman compared and contrasted Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder from last season.

Everybody in the NFL thinks Matt Cassel kind of stinks.

How the NFL thought the late season Vikings-Ravens game wasn't one of the top games of the year is beyond us.

From elsewhere around the Internet:

The Star-Tribune ran an online poll asking who the most popular sports team in the region was.  The Vikings won, of course. I guess your typical Strib commenter was at the Guthrie Theater or something. Also, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wolves and Twins.

Chris Tomassen tells us about the father-son relationship between Anthony Barr and his dad.

Teddy Bridgewater wants to dominate the NFL...and Madison Avenue. I'm not going to bet against him.

The most under rated draft picks on the Vikings? It might be David Yankey, according to this off-season report card.

Why this musical selection? It's what was on my iPod as I got to this point, and it's a great tune.

The rules of our daily open thread remain the same: No politics, no religion, use the filter for the bad words, and don't feed any trolls.  Enjoy your Monday, and there will be no lighting of fireworks in the office.