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Where Do You Prefer To Draft?

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It's getting to be near the time where people start participating in fantasy football drafts. . .heck, some of you may have even participated in one (or several) already. While the auction format is becoming more popular across the world of fantasy football, the most commonly used method of selecting players comes in the form of the "snake" draft.

For the uninitiated, the "snake" draft means that the person that selects first in the odd-numbered rounds (first, third, etc.) will select last in the even numbered rounds. While that means they get pretty good players right away, it also means they have a significant wait for their pick to come back around again. The same goes for the person selecting at the end of each round. . .sure, they get two picks in rapid succession, and then they have a long wait until it comes back around to them again.

Selecting in the middle of each round, on the other hand, means that you might not get the elite players right away, but you should (theoretically) have a more balanced team because you're seeing less talent go between each of your picks.

Most people seem to fall firmly into enjoying one of these spots more than the other. Personally, I like selecting in the middle of each round. . .a lot of that has to do with the fact that, well, I'm just sort of impatient. It's rough seeing 20+ players go between each of your selections, even if you can manage to get a couple guys back-to-back without having to worry about anyone stealing one.

Of course, in one of my leagues last year, I had the #1 overall pick, and wound up with Adrian Peterson (because, seriously, who else was I going to put in that spot). I then had to sit and twiddle my thumbs until the end of the second round. Fortunately, I was able to grab Peyton Manning with that selection. You could say my season worked out pretty well. . .and that there's no chance that anyone's going to have that happen this year.

So, where do you prefer to select in your fantasy drafts? Do you like being near the ends of the round or in the middle?

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