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Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Over/Unders

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Hannah Foslien

In continuing our run-up to the 2014 Fantasy Football Season, we're going to ask you folks what you think about the potential numbers for some of the members of the Minnesota Vikings going into the season. We'll do this in a simple over/under format.

I'm going to limit this to folks that stand a real chance of being drafted in most leagues, and will be operating under the assumption that Matt Cassel will be entering the season as the starting quarterback. Obviously, if you think Teddy Bridgewater will be starting sooner rather than later, you'd take a lot of the "overs" on Bridgewater and a lot of the "unders" on Cassel.

So, with that, let's take a look at what we have.

Matt Cassel

Completion percentage: Over/under 60% (career 59% passer)
Passing yards: Over/under 3,200
Passing touchdowns: Over/under 19.5
Interceptions: Over/under 14.5

Teddy Bridgewater

Completion percentage: Over/under 60%
Passing yards: Over/under 2,000
Passing touchdowns: Over/under 9.5
Interceptions: Over/under 9.5

Adrian Peterson

Rushing yards: Over/under 1,300
Rushing touchdowns: Over/under 11.5
Receptions: Over/under 30 (Averages around 29/season)
Receiving yards: Over/under 250 (averages around 240/season)
Receiving touchdowns: Over/under 1.5 (5 in his career)

Cordarrelle Patterson

Receptions: Over/under 69.5
Receiving yards: Over/under 1,000
Receiving touchdowns: Over/under 7.5
Rushing yards: Over/under 300
Rushing touchdowns: Over/under 2.5
Kick return touchdowns: Over/under 1.5

Greg Jennings

Receptions: Over/under 69.5
Receiving yards: Over/under 1,000
Receiving touchdowns: Over/under 7.5

Kyle Rudolph

Receptions: Over/under 54.5
Receiving yards: Over/under 750
Receiving touchdowns: Over/under 9.5

Vikings Defense

Sacks: Over/under 34.5
Interceptions: Over/under 13.5

Have at it, folks!

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