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Minnesota Vikings, Chris Kluwe Announce Settlement

Hannah Foslien

On Tuesday, the Minnesota Vikings and former punter Chris Kluwe separately announced that they had reached a settlement in the case between the two sides.

While the exact financial terms of the resolution were not disclosed, the team announced the news on the team website.

As part of the resolution, the Vikings will provide continued financial support for human rights and anti-hate causes, resulting in a substantial and material benefit in the fight against gender preference discrimination. The team will also continue to enhance its sensitivity training policy and will further embody in the Club Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook a Zero Tolerance Policy for any discrimination and harassment because of race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. Finally, the Vikings will work to build awareness and understanding of LGBT issues in professional football and in sports generally.

Per ESPN's Ben Goessling, a couple of those organizations are the Matthew Shepard Foundation and a charity run by former NFL player Wade Davis, who is openly gay.

Both sides expressed that they were pleased that the issue could be resolved. Interestingly, Kluwe's attorney said that the team had done a thorough investigation and released enough information to corroborate Kluwe's side of the story. That sort of flies in the face of what brought the lawsuit about in the first place, as part of the objective behind that was to get the full 150-page report released, according to Kluwe.

So, it would appear that the eight-month row between Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings has, officially, come to an end.