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Minnesota Vikings Roster Cuts 2014: Projecting The First Wave

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings currently have 91 players on their roster (the standard 90, with tight end Chase Ford on the Physically Unable to Perform List). By 3 PM Central time on Tuesday, they have to trim that number down to 75.  That means that 15 players are going to get a visit from "The Turk" sometime in the next 48 hours.

Here's one man's look at who those unfortunate 15 are going to be, in alphabetical order.

S Branden Bishop - Of all the guys that are jockeying for spots at the safety position, Bishop is one name that you haven't heard a whole lot of. There are just too many other, better options there at the present time.

T Pierce Burton - Again, just too many other players at the position for Burton to overcome at this point. A lot of the offensive line guys on this team seem pretty entrenched.

WR Andy Cruse - Signed a couple of days before camp. Never really had much of a shot.

WR Donte Foster - There's a battle going on for roster spots at WR, but Foster isn't among those battling.

TE Mike Higgins - Had some momentum early on, but has fallen behind Allen Reisner, among others. Norv Turner's familiarity with the recently-signed Kory Sperry probably hurts him, too.

LB Justin Jackson - Recent addition from Detroit. Not sure how much time he's had to make an impression.

WR Kamar Jorden - Jorden isn't in the mix at WR.

C Zac Kerin - John Sullivan is the starting center, and Joe Berger is the primary backup. No room for Kerin this time around.

WR Erik Lora - Another undrafted free agent that had some momentum early on in camp. Might make a decent practice squad addition.

CB Julian Posey - Shaun Prater's performance on Saturday night separated him from guys like Posey on the depth chart. Not sure how much of a chance Posey had before that, anyway.

DT Kheeston Randall - Another victim of a numbers game, with just too many more-established (or just better) guys ahead of him on the depth chart.

DE Tyler Scott - The team's top four defensive ends are pretty well-established. Scott isn't one of them.

DE Jake Snyder - Took over Jared Allen's number. . .not going to have quite the same level of success.

OT Austin Wentworth - Call Austin Wentworth! 877-SACK NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (Stole that from the comment section of Ted's recap.)

RB Dominique Williams - Right now, he's pretty much the last running back on the depth chart, as far as I can tell.

I think that Chase Ford stays on the PUP list for now, and the Vikings will roll with that for a while longer. But that's a debate for the second wave of cuts, which the Vikings will have to make by 30 August. Those cuts will trim the roster to 53, after which the Vikings can start forming their (newly expanded) ten-player practice squad.

Who do you think gets cut between now and Tuesday at 3 PM Central time?