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Report: Vikings Name Matt Cassel Week 1 Starter

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports is reporting that Matt Cassel has been named the Minnesota Vikings' week 1 starting quarterback over Teddy Bridgewater.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Teddy Bridgewater is still the Minnesota Vikings' Quarterback of the Future. Future being the operative word, because it appears that he will start his NFL career as a backup. Teddy Time has been postponed until further notice.

According to Jay Glazer, the Vikings players were told Monday morning that Matt Cassel would be the starting quarterback when the team begins the regular season against the St. Louis Rams:

To be honest, I think Glazer's tweets confirm what most of us have been thinking throughout the preseason. Bridgewater has shown lots of promise but he still has some growing pains to work through. Throwing Teddy out there when he doesn't appear to be 100% ready isn't ideal, especially since Cassel has been playing fairly well for most of the preseason thus far.

Yes, Cassel didn't have an amazing game this past Saturday in Kansas City. But when you compare his body of work to Bridgewater's, along with the fact that Cassel has a nine-year head start on experience, I think the Vikings made the right choice here. Cassel won't be confused with Peyton Manning anytime soon but he's more than capable of leading this Minnesota Vikings team to victory. Of course the first time he throws an interception people will be firing up the chants of "TED-DY! TED-DY! TED-DY!". That's inevitable. But it's nice to see that Mike Zimmer and his staff seem to have the big picture in mind. Cassel gives the Vikings the best chance to win right now. If that changes, I'm sure they'll reevaluate the situation if necessary.

So what do you think of the decision? Are the Vikings making the right move or are they starting the wrong guy? Let us know in the comments.