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How Many Fantasy Football Leagues Are You In?

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The phenomenon of fantasy football has done nothing but grow over the past few years, and it's rare to find a football fan that isn't involved in a league in some way. But there are a lot of people that take it to the extreme and participate in a number of leagues that, frankly, boggles the mind.

So, today's topic for our fantasy football outlook is an easy one: How many fantasy football leagues are you in?

Personally, I'm only in one league thus far. . .I might add one more league in the normal format before the season starts, and I'll be doing weekly leagues through FanDuel (and I hope that some of you will be as well). I know that back in my college days and in my early years in the Air Force, I was in a lot of leagues. . .well, what I thought was a lot, anyway. I think I maxed out at about a dozen one year, and by then I wasn't really doing a good job at keeping track of all of them. In a couple of leagues, I'm pretty sure I was even "that guy" that basically gave up on his team midway through the season.

If you're the kind of player that can firmly concentrate on a dozen or so teams. . .or more. . .then my hat's off to you. For me, however, I think two or three leagues is a happy medium. . .I can basically remember my teams and know what I'm going to have to do to fix things if someone goes down or something along those lines. Any more than that and it becomes more of a chore than a pastime, in my opinion.

So, how many fantasy football leagues are you in this season?

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