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Minnesota Vikings Roster Cuts: Tracking The Drop To 53

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

In a little more than 13 hours, the Minnesota Vikings. . .along with every other team in the National Football League. . .will have to have all of their various roster cuts and other moves completed in order to get their rosters down to 53 players.

As the Vikings haven't made any cuts yet. . .or, at the very least, have not made them public. . .that means that 22 guys who have busted their tails for Mike Zimmer and company since OTAs in May are going to be out of work. Some of them might find their way onto practice squads, whether it's with the Vikings or with any of the other NFL teams. Some may find their way to the Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL), which will start play in October. And others will either be looking at the end of a football career or holding on to hope that the phone might ring at some point during the season.

We will be updating this post with all of the Vikings' roster cuts as we get them throughout the day through various social media sources. So, feel free to treat this as a bit of an Open Thread for today (as we don't normally do them on the weekends). Please keep things GIF-free, though, as we don't want things to bog down for folks who might not be regular visitors that are getting their info from us.

In addition, here is our list of various Vikings media members that will be dropping notes about the various cuts as they come in.

So, let's all hang out and watch the cuts come in and see who makes the Vikings' final 53-man roster!

UPDATE at 9:00 AM Central: First cut is in, and it's a surprise.

Of all the 53-man roster projections I saw on the internet, I don't think any of them had Fred Evans being gone. Evens played for the Vikings for seven seasons, and I'm guessing he won't be out of work long.

If this is a sign of things to come, we might have a more exciting day in store than we may have originally thought.

UPDATE at 9:22 AM Central: Some speculation from ESPN's Ben Goessling.

If Line is going to make the roster, it might mean bad things for Jerome Felton, which would be another interesting cut.

UPDATE at 9:24 AM Central: Well, here's another move that we may or may not have seen coming.

Guess he's not going to be starting at safety this year, eh?

UPDATE at 10:08 AM Central time: The team apparently wants to keep Kain Colter on the practice squad if he makes it that far.

With the Jerome Simpson's suspension, it sounds like all systems go for Adam Thielen and Rodney Smith on the 53-man roster.

UPDATE at 10:13 AM Central time: Clarification on Jamarca Sanford's IR status from 1500 ESPN.

So, he has not been given the designation to come back.

UPDATE at 12:57 PM Central time: Just checking to see if you're still paying attention. Nothing's happened since the announcement that Sanford was going on IR. Vikings still sitting at 73 players with two hours remaining until the deadline.

UPDATE at 1:15 PM Central time: Well, now we know why the Vikings' cuts have been delayed by a bit, along with a couple of names that are, apparently, being let go.

Guess the Vikings are just that impressed with Chase Ford to get rid of Reisner after the pre-season he had. Banyard is a bit of a disappointment, too.

An hour and forty-five minutes until the deadline. Prepare for the flood, ladies and gentlemen.

UPDATE at 1:24 PM Central time: Now the moves are starting to come through, as the Vikings have released four players.

Still don't like getting rid of Banyard, and still not sure about Ford over Reisner, either, but it appears that's where the Vikings have gone.

Sixteen more moves to make in the next hour and a half. We'll have them all right here for you!


Yeah, it's not the coach, it's the linebacker. But that's the last time I'll probably be able to use that joke, so there you go.

UPDATE at 1:29 PM Central time: As reported earlier, now official.

We'll see if he makes it all the way through.

UPDATE at 2:35 PM Central time: Another running back bites the dust.

This one's going to make a lot of folks unhappy.

UPDATE at 2:37 PM Central time: More cuts coming fast and furious now. . .and a couple more surprises.

Well, apparently Chris Crocker won't be starting at safety for the Vikings. Certainly blew that one. . .certainly didn't think him and Kurt Coleman would be gone, either.

UPDATE at 2:49 PM Central time: Bad news for Tiny Richardson.

Well, that stinks. Hopefully he'll be able to come back in some form next season.

UPDATE: We have what we believe to be the Minnesota Vikings' 53-man roster right here. (We got the final cuts from various other sources.) Check them out and tell us what you think!