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Minnesota Vikings Release Kain Colter, Mike Zimmer

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings have released two more players leading up to the deadline to get their roster down to 53 players.

Per numerous sources, the Vikings have cut ties with wide receiver Kain Colter and linebacker Mike Zimmer.

Colter was an undrafted free agent from Northwestern. He got quite a bit of time in the final pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans, and finished the pre-season with three catches for 33 yards. He also got some work as a return man. The Vikings have apparently expressed interest in bringing Colter back to the practice squad should he clear waivers.

Mike Zimmer. . .the linebacker, not the coach. . .was another undrafted free agent out of Illinois State. His cut is not a terribly surprising one. Not sure if the Vikings have any interest in bringing him back to the practice squad.

There are still plenty of moves coming in the next hour and twenty minutes. You can keep up with them all on our Minnesota Vikings Roster Cut Tracker.