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Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad: Open Thread and Discussion

Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Vikings have already made a couple of claims off of waivers, grabbing tight end MarQueis Gray and offensive tackle Mike Harris off of waivers from the Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers, respectively.

Now, the time has come where the Minnesota Vikings can begin forming their 10-man practice squad. According to Darren Wolfson on Twitter, nobody the Vikings cut was claimed, so my guess is that we're going to see a lot of familiar names on the practice squad.

We can use this as an Open Thread to talk about who will be making up the practice squad for our favorite football team. Here, as we had yesterday, is the Twitter feed for all of the Vikings media folks we follow.

Let's keep the GIFs out of this one as well, so that folks that are coming here for info don't get bogged down.

With that, let's keep an eye on who will be signing. . .or re-signing. . .with the Minnesota Vikings as a part of the practice squad.

UPDATE at 12:22 PM Central time: In a pleasant surprise, it appears that running back Joe Banyard cleared waivers after all and will be on the Vikings' practice squad.

Didn't think this would happen, but quite happy that it did.

UPDATE at 12:25 PM Central time: We now know that the two players released to make room for Harris and Gray were offensive lineman Austin Wentworth and linebacker Larry Dean.

UPDATE at 12:35 PM Central time: Ben Goessling of ESPN gives us this bit about Mike Harris.

Harris missed part of last season with a broken ankle, but is said to be fully recovered.

UPDATE at 12:56 PM Central time: Here's another familiar face coming back to the practice squad.

Not surprising after he wound up getting cut, I guess.

UPDATE at 1:05 PM Central time: Wentworth will likely end up on the practice squad if he clears waivers.

We won't know about that for another 24 hours or so.

UPDATE at 1:07 PM Central time: Another addition to the practice squad.

Tessler is Remmers' agent. Seems like a solid enough source.

UPDATE at 1:14 PM Central time: Here's one that the Vikings expressed interest in yesterday after cuts.

Not surprising. . .and one of the Vikings' more intriguing prospects to boot.

UPDATE at 1:25 PM Central time: Baca, apparently, not coming back-a.

Bit of a surprise. . .thought there might have been room on the practice squad for him.

UPDATE at 1:54 PM Central time: Well, that escalated quickly. . .the Vikings have announced nine players signed to their practice squad. Post with the full list is forthcoming.