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Raiders At Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater Will Play With The First Team Offense

The first round draft pick will get reps with the first team Friday night

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings released their depth chart a little while ago, but the most important news out of the depth chart release is the play of the quarterbacks.  Both have been doing well, and although Matt Cassel is listed as the number one quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater will play with the first team offense Friday night againstthe Oakland Raiders:

Before he talked about who would start, and who would play when, OC Norv Turner, in a post morning practice press conference, talked about the play of both Cassel and Bridgewater.  They've both been asked to do a lot, and both have responded very well, with very few mental mistakes over the first week of camp:

Because of that progress, the coaches feel that Bridgewater needs to get reps with the first team offense to continue their evaluation of him:

The quarterback battle rages on, and even though Cassel is the top dog, Teddy's on his way.  Either way, this is as confident as I've felt about the QB position since the Vikings signed Brett Favre in 2009, and whoever wins out seems like they'll at least be consistently competent.

Which is more than we've been able to say around these parts for awhile.