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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 9/12

Another work week ends, another football weekend begins...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With the weekend fast approaching and the weather rapidly cooling, I'm breaking out the smoker this weekend, and I think I'm going to do some ribs and some chicken wings. Well, the smoker and my Orion cooker (ribs on the smoker, wings in the Orion cooker).

Why? Because I am an American man, and I will enjoy my freedom however I see fit. Also, my wife is travelling to Germany to see the grandkids (I'm following in a week or so) and I don't need her permission.

And because I am not some kind of hippie living in a commune wearing a shirt made out of hemp that hasn't been washed in three months, I will also be drinking beer. Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer has just hit the shelves here recently, and I'm pretty sure Sam, my father, and me will enjoy some smoked ribs and chicken this weekend. I'm even going to break out a cigar, and enjoy some fine tobacco, in high 50 degree weather, because I can.

Because America. Also, no permission required. BOOM!

What's on your agenda this weekend? Tell us below, after we bring you all the Vikings news that's fit to print.

Eric previewed and predicted this weekend's slate of games.

Arif has another installment of Norse Code, with Pats Pulpit contributor Ethan Hammerman.

Stephen White from the mothership tells us to consider the hoss while saying good things about the Vikings.

Fearless Leader broke down Cordarelle Patterson's 67 yard TD run against the Rams. It has pictures and everything.

From elsewhere around the web:

Chad Greenway has re-invented himself, or something.

It looks like both Xavier Rhodes and Shariff Floyd, injured against the Rams, might be able to play against the Patriots.

Jim Souhan has the most passive aggressive Minnesota sports column ever. You still come out on the other side liking Cordarrelle Patterson even more, though.

Tom Brady was one of Anthony Barr's idols growing up. Maybe he can tell him that in New England's backfield a few times on Sunday.

If you have a couple of spare hours, check out Arif's Patriots preview.

The Vikings worked out two former Patriots that you've never heard of.

Why is this musical selection for the day? It has, quite possibly, the greatest single lyrical line in rock and roll history, that's why:

So now I'm prayin' for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive, because if I gotta spend another minute with you I don't think that I could really survive...I laugh, out loud, every time, and it's a great song. Also, the baseball game on the radio? Yeah, when I was a kid, I thought it was an actual game broadcast. I just assumed it was Rod Carew on the base paths.

Rules of the open thread remain the same--no politics, no religion, no trolling, use the spoiler tags for the bad language or, you know, actual TV show spoilers, and keep the GIF's PG. Enjoy your weekend, kids.