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Grand Jury Initially No-Billed Peterson Indictment

Stacy Revere

In the wake of all that has been going on with the Adrian Peterson situation. . .and the updates are coming in fast and furious. . .we're getting a report about the grand jury in these proceedings.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio. . .a lawyer in his own right. . .this was the second time that a grand jury has heard these charges against Adrian Peterson. The first time, according to a Houston television station, the charges were "no-billed."

In the legal world, being "no-billed" means that no charges were filed, or that the grand jury did not find sufficient cause to bring charges forth against Peterson.

The article doesn't go into details about the time frame of when the charges were first presented or anything. But according to Peterson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, the charges were re-filed "recently," and this time the grand jury accepted them.

I don't know if that puts the current charges in any sort of different light. . .particularly in light of the pictures of the incident having been released. . .but it's just a little more news about the entire matter.

EDIT: Jay Glazer has clarified the timeline of Adrian Peterson's testimony and the no-billing of the original indictment, via Twitter.