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Adrian Peterson's Lawyer Releases Statement

Hannah Foslien

On the heels of everything else that has been happening thus far, Adrian Peterson's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has released a statement on this entire matter. Here is that statement in its entirety.

Adrian Peterson has been informed that he was indicted by a grand jury in Montgomery County, Texas for Injury to a Child. The charged conduct involves using a switch to spank his son. This indictment follows Adrian's full cooperation with authorities who have been looking into this matter. Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son. He used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east Texas. Adrian has never hidden from what happened. He has cooperated fully with authorities and voluntarily testified before the grand jury for several hours. Adrian will address the charges with the same respect and responsiveness he has brought to this inquiry from its beginning. It is important to remember that Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury.

Well, that pretty much admits that Peterson did, in fact, strike his son with some sort of "switch."

And a warrant has been issued for Adrian Peterson's arrest.

Yeah. . .I'm just going to continue doing updates to this as they come along.