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Adrian Peterson Deactivated For Sunday's Game

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, there's actually a football side to this, too. . .even though it's amazingly secondary at this point.

The Minnesota Vikings have announced that they have deactivated running back Adrian Peterson for Sunday afternoon's game against the New England Patriots. This comes in the wake of Peterson being indicted on charges of reckless child injury in Texas a few hours ago.

In an attempt to keep this in an entirely football-based perspective, I assume this means that Matt Asiata will start at running back, and we will see an increased role for rookie Jerick McKinnon. The team also has Joe Banyard on the practice squad if they decide they need to release someone else for depth.

But, really, in this case, football should be the least of anyone's worries. The more that comes out about this story, the worse and worse it appears.

However, this is still a part of the story, and we are presenting it accordingly. We will continue to update this story as more different details come out about it.