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Details Of Montgomery County DA Press Conference Regarding Adrian Peterson

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The District Attorney's office in Montgomery County, Texas, has just finished a press conference about the Adrian Peterson matter. It was a pretty brief presser, conducted by Phil Grant of the DA's office, but there are a few pertinent facts that came out of it.

-First off, Grant said that the grand jury did not initially no-bill this case as was initially reported. The evidence was presented to one grand jury, and that grand jury chose to indict Adrian Peterson. That goes against what we heard last night, when we reported (via Pro Football Talk) that a first grand jury had chosen not to indict Peterson.

-Grant also seemed to be incredibly angry that pictures and grand jury testimony had been leaked, saying that Peterson and the state of Texas are entitled to a fair trial in this matter. So that person is getting fired, as soon as they figure out who it was. (If they're in the DA's office, obviously.)

-Grant concluded by saying that he assumed that Peterson's first court appearance would be in a couple of weeks (no exact date given), and that the case would probably go to trial sometime next year.

That last one could be big if the Vikings are planning on treating this in a similar manner to the Chris Cook proceedings, where he was reinstated to the roster but deactivated every week and not allowed to practice or be anywhere near the team. If that's the way they're going to handle it, Peterson may in fact be done for the year.

And that's what we got from the Montgomery County DA office's press conference. If any more developments come about, we will have them here for you.