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Report: Vikings Will Reinstate Mike Priefer For Saints Game

The suspended special teams coordinator will be back on the sideline for week three

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A short while ago, the Minnesota Vikings released a statement on the status of suspended special teams coach Mike Priefer. Here is that official statement in its entirety:

The Minnesota Vikings will reinstate Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer effective Monday, September 15.

The decision by Vikings ownership follows extensive conversations with the independent professional consultants retained to conduct individualized anti-harassment, diversity and sexual orientation training with Coach Priefer. Those consultants have conveyed to the team that Coach Priefer was fully and thoughtfully engaged throughout the process and successfully completed the program.

Details within the settlement agreement pertaining to the actions by the team remain confidential.

Priefer was originally suspended for three games as punishment for homophobic slurs he made during practice, and was all part of the now settled Chris Kluwe investigation. One of the conditions of his suspension was that if he successfully completed some sort of diversity awareness and sensitivity training program, his suspension could be reduced to two games.

According to this statement, Priefer has completed the required programs to the satisfaction of an independent consultant not associated with the team, and in light of that training, his suspension is now over. So it would appear that with the end of Priefer's suspension, the Kluwe saga has officially come to a close.

From a football perspective, it couldn't come at a better time, as the Vikings had a field goal blocked and returned for a touchdown Sunday against the Patriots.