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Introducing.... #DNMailbag

Submit your questions about the Vikings or the NFL using #DNMailbag on Twitter. I'll also pick a few questions that aren't Vikings or NFL related to answer each week.

Adam Bettcher

In an effort to be more interactive with DN fans on Twitter, I'll be fielding questions on Mondays and Tuesdays to be compiled, answered, and posted on Wednesdays.  What better use of a school librarian than to answer questions that may (or may not) require a little research?  I'll be including your Twitter handle when I answer your questions, just so you're aware.  So come on, Vikings fans..... hit me with your best shot.  Don't forget to include the #DNMailbag hashtag (like @kylesegall did) or I may not see your question.  You can tweet them to me, too.  My Twitter handle is @dimurphymn.

If you don't ask questions, I'll be forced to field questions from the Daily Norseman staff.... and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.