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A Brief Look At Vikings/Saints History

Hannah Foslien

Well, everything else be damned, let's make an attempt to talk about some on-field football, shall we?

Here's a look at the history between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints, brought to you by the folks from Pro Football Reference.

Total Games Between the Vikings and the Saints: 30 (27 regular season, 3 post-season)

All-time Record: Vikings, 20-10 (Vikings hold 2-1 post-season edge)

Total Vikings' points scored, head-to-head: 800 (26.7 points/game)

Total Saints' points scored, head-to-head: 549 (18.3 points/game)

Longest Vikings' winning streak vs Saints: 6 (27 September 1970 - 12 September 1976)

Longest Saints' winning streak vs Vikings: 3 (24 January 2010 - 18 December 2011)

Most recent Vikings' victory in New Orleans: 6 October 2008 (Final score 30-27)

Most recent Saints' victory in New Orleans: 9 September 2010 (Final score 14-9)

Biggest Vikings' victory at New Orleans: 34 points, 3 January 1987 (Final score 44-10, playoff game)

Biggest Saints' victory at New Orleans: 26 points, 22 September 1991 (Final score 26-0)

A few other things about this game. . .

-Even though the overall history of the match-up tilts pretty favorably towards the Vikings, they're currently riding a three-game losing streak against the Saints, including their last two in New Orleans.

-Matt Cassel has only faced the Saints once in his career and was not terribly impressive. He led the Kansas City Chiefs into the Superdome in 2012 and "led" the team to a 27-24 victory, one of only two wins the Chiefs posted in 2012. The Chiefs got six field goals from Ryan Succop and a safety in the win, while Cassel went 26/44 for 248 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception.

-One guy who has had some success against the Saints is wide receiver Greg Jennings. He's lined up against the Saints four times in his career, and has a receiving touchdown in each of those four games.

And that's a brief look at the history between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully the Vikings can right the ship in this series on Sunday afternoon.