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Mick Tingelhoff Highlights 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Nominees

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

More actual football, you say? Hell, let's give it a go.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced the full list of modern-era nominees for the 2015 Class. You can find the full list of nominees right here, and there are a few players with ties to the Minnesota Vikings on this year's list.

The biggest name on the list for Vikings fans is, obviously, center Mick Tingelhoff. We've been over his credentials numerous times in the past, and it's safe to say that he should have been in years ago. He is the lone Senior Finalist on this year's list of players.

Here are the players that have ties to the Vikings that are on the list of 113 players.

QB - Randall Cunningham (1997-1999)

RB - Roger Craig (1992-1993)

OL - Chris Hinton (1994-1995)

DB - Joey Browner (1983-1991)

K - Gary Anderson (1998-2002), Morten Andersen (2004)

Coach - Tony Dungy (defensive coordinator 1992-1995)

Not sure how good a chance any of those other folks might have of getting in. Of those seven, I would think that Dungy probably has the best shot.

But Tingelhoff should be a lock. From what we heard a while back, he had plenty of support for his nomination, including some pretty prominent journalists. Hopefully one of the most deserving men that isn't yet enshrined in Canton will get his chance.

This list of 113 will be pared down to 25 in November, and eventually down to 15. The Hall of Fame inductees will be announced on Super Bowl weekend.