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Previewing Vikings At Saints Week 3 With Canal Street Chronicles

Get to know more about the Vikings' upcoming opponent as Daily Norseman chats with Jean-Rene Ella from Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Real live Minnesota Vikings football is only three days day, and boy do we need it after one of the worst weeks in team history. The Vikes head to New Orleans to take on the surprisingly winless Saints on Sunday in a very important game for the future of both teams.

I talked with JR Ella of Canal Street Chronicles about what he thinks of his team's chances in 2014 as well as what we should look for with the Saints on Sunday.

Well technically speaking, we're still talking.

Much like I did with Revenge of the Birds before the Cardinals preseason game, we're using a technology called ReplyAll to bring you our conversation. It gives you a live feed of our Q&A as it's happening. We started late Wednesday night and this is what we have thus far. But be sure to check back often to see the latest and greatest of what JR and I have to say about the Vikes/Saints game. Our conversation is below and gets updated in real time.