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Vikings Release Jerome Simpson

The capper to the week that was sees the troubled wide receiver unemployed

Larry French

WR Jerome Simpson was given a three game suspension by the NFL before the season started because he had violated the league's substance abuse policy--again.

I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but if I'm in danger of losing my job, I'd do what I could to, you know, not get fired.. But not Jerome Simpson, kids. No, no, nooooo sir. Jerome Simpson laughs at your theory, and he mocks what you might otherwise refer to as 'common sense'.

Jerome Simpson, he lives on the edge.  Because that's where the danger is. But you can't chase danger with a steady job that gives you a paycheck with a lot of zeros in it, can you?


So Jerome Simpson now lives on the edge again, free to chase that drug we call marijuana danger wherever it may be...delivered to his house by UPS, in the glove box of a car, or in the glove box of yet another car.

Because you can't find danger on foot, you gotta drive, man.