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Duel For a Difference Is Back at FanDuel

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Well, my first attempt at playing for actual money at FanDuel last week did not go as well as I had hoped, as I didn't even manage to finish in the top half of my $5, 250-entrant league. I placed 136 out of 250 entries, with an assist from the Seattle defense (a big ol' goose egg against San Diego) and our own Blair Walsh (one whole point against New England, though you can hardly hold that against him).

But it's time to move on to the next one, and Duel for a Difference is back this week at FanDuel! In case you had forgotten, FanDuel is teaming up with the Kalil Family Foundation to do battle against lupus. They've raised nearly $5,000 so far, and there will hopefully be a whole lot more where that came from.

(And, yes, I realize that that most noted of medical experts. . .Dr. Gregory House. . .has informed us that it's never lupus. In real life, however, that's not true.)

So, this week, let's start with our look at how much it would cost you to field an all-Minnesota Vikings team this week if you were to enter the Duel for a Difference or any other FanDuel league.

QB - Matt Cassel - $6,200 (down $200 from last week)
RB - Matt Asiata - $6,200 (+$1,700)
WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - $6,900 (-$200)
WR - Greg Jennings - $5,500 (-$200)
WR - Jarius Wright - $4,500 (no change)
TE - Kyle Rudolph - $5,400 (-$100)
K - Blair Walsh - $5,000 (-$100)
D - Minnesota - $4,900 (-$400)

Total Price - $44,600 (up $500 from last week, largely due to Asiata going from "backup" type figures to starter ones.)

And now, the entry that will hopefully bring me some sweet autographed swag while helping to battle lupus.

QB - Matthew Stafford (vs Green Bay) - $9,000
RB - Arian Foster (at New York Giants) $8,800 DeMarco Murray (at St. Louis) - $8,700
RB - Isaiah Crowell (vs Baltimore) - $5,100
WR - A.J. Green (vs Tennessee) - $8,400
WR - Sammy Watkins (vs San Diego) - $6,600
WR - Terrance Williams (at St. Louis) - $6,000
TE - Zach Ertz (vs Washington) - $5,800
K - Blair Walsh (at New Orleans) - $5,000
D - Cincinnati Bengals (vs Tennessee) - $5,300

Spent all but $100 of the $60,000 salary cap. (Had to change my main running back from Foster to Murray after the former was declared inactive before kickoff.) More "superstar" type players than I usually want to go with. . .generally try to be a little more balanced.

How about you FanDuelers out there? Will you be Dueling for a Difference this weekend?