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Report: Vikings Bringing Back McLeod Bethel-Thompson

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

With the injury to Matt Cassel, there were probably plenty of players that the Minnesota Vikings could have signed to round out their quarterback depth chart. However, it appears that in Minnesota's eyes. . .


Yes, there are reports surfacing that the Minnesota Vikings are bringing back quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson. . .which is short for McLeod John Balthazar Bethel-Thompson. . .back to their practice squad.

I haven't seen any corresponding roster moves to this point, but since the Vikings had ten players on the practice squad, bringing back Bethel-Thompson suggests that a player had to be either released or promoted to make room. So, here's my best guess at what's going to happen.

-Tight end Kyle Rudolph goes to injured reserve with the designation to return
-Quarterback Matt Cassel goes to injured reserve, ending his season
-Tight end Chase Ford gets promoted from the practice squad to the active roster
-McLeod Bethel-Thompson goes to Ford's vacated practice squad spot

Bethel-Thompson was the Vikings' #3 quarterback in 2012, and for part of the 2013 season before he was released so the Vikings could sign Josh Freeman. He has had stints with both the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots since being released by the Vikings.

Once we clarify all of the Vikings' roster moves, we will provide an update on those. And don't forget your "MBT IS BETTER THAN CHRISTIAN PONDER" hot sports takes. Come on. . .you know they're coming.