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Captain Munnerlyn Not Fined For Making Legal Tackle

Legal tackle. Legal, legal, legal, and legal.
Legal tackle. Legal, legal, legal, and legal.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, the National Football League chose not to fine Minnesota Vikings cornerback Captain Munnerlyn for having the nerve to tackle New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees last Sunday.

Here's what Munnerlyn had to say about what the league office told him about the play.

"I didn't throw (Brees) on his head," Munnerlyn said. "He landed on his back. They were trying to say the whistle had blown, but then we watched on film and the whistle never had blown. It would have been a legal hit (had not there been the claim of the whistle blowing). That's why I didn't get a fine."

The play drew comparisons to a tackle. . .a much worse one, at that. . .by cornerback Josh Robinson on Nate Burleson in a game against the Detroit Lions a couple of years ago.


Not surprisingly, Robinson wasn't fined for that play, either. He, like Munnerlyn, was simply cited for TWV (Tackling While a Viking).