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The Vikings Made Samuel L. Jackson Very Angry

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. The result of the game in Minnesota on Sunday made him rather upset.

This Bad Mother*****r wasn't very happy yesterday.
This Bad Mother*****r wasn't very happy yesterday.
Clive Rose

Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favorite actors. His portrayal of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction is one of the best cinematic performances of all time if you ask me. I have thoroughly enjoyed nearly every role I have seen him play throughout the years. Jackson is still one of the most beloved, versatile, and busy actors in Hollywood today. Hell, he even makes credit card commercials tolerable. ("WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET?! SAY WHAT AGAIN!!")

Unfortunately my admiration for Jackson was tempered yesterday. You see, he is an avid fan of the Vikings' most recent opponent, the Atlanta Falcons. Our separate rooting interests meant that I would have to cheer for the displeasure of a beloved celebrity. Thankfully, the hometown squad stepped up and made Jackson miserable for most of the day. Here are the highlights of Samuel L. Jackson's Twitter feed as the game unfolded on Sunday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to read all of these tweet's in Samuel L. Jackson's iconic loud voice. Or at the very least in the Chappelle Show Samuel Jackson beer commercial voice. It makes the experience 500% more enjoyable. Also, this should go without saying when Samuel L. Jackson is involved, but there is some NSFW language below.

Before the game, Jackson was excited about Atlanta's chances to go 3-1:

But his spirits were quickly dampened by the Vikings' first drive. The big play by Jarius Wright highlighted Jackson's frustrations with how many yards Minnesota was getting after the catch.

When the Falcons quickly struck back to even the score due to a miscommunication in the Vikings defensive backfield, Jackson knew that points are points regardless of how easily they're scored.

Again, Jackson's hopes were quickly dashed when Minnesota scored on their next drive. It looked like a shootout was unfolding in Minneapolis; his concerns about the Falcons defense were becoming apparent.

The Falcons seemed to answer again with a Steven Jackson touchdown, but the call was reversed. Atlanta scored on the next play anyway to even the score at 14-14. Samuel L. wasn't pleased about the original reversal but was pleased with the final result.

The Vikings didn't let the score stay tied for long as Teddy Bridgewater led Minnesota to ten more points before halftime, highlighted by a 13 yard scramble for his first NFL touchdown. Jackson wondered aloud who on the Falcons defense would be able to stop the rookie quarterback:

When the Falcons finally made a couple stops in the third quarter and roared back, Jackson couldn't have been happier. When Antone Smith scored from 48 yards out to give Atlanta their first lead of the day, Jackson was ecstatic:

But once again, the Atlanta defense let Jackson down. Minnesota scored the final 14 points of the game on three 4th quarter scoring drives. Jackson was once again forced to voice his displeasure of his team's defensive effort.

Finally, when Harrison Smith's interception sealed the Vikings victory, Jackson humbly accepted defeat and logged off.

As of this posting, Jackson hasn't tweeted since the Falcons loss. Let's hope he doesn't take the loss too hard and will be back to entertain us next week.