Minnesota Vikings Prophecy- Book 53: Chapter 5

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1 So the Vikings returned to the TCF River Bank and gathered together amongst themselves
2 For they knew the tribe of Falcons had descended, and viciously picked apart the Buccaneers
3 It was in this gathering that Sir Greenway announced his fellow warriors,
4 "My hand is still without healing, and now I fear my ribs have too been pierced.
5 Go, stone the birds without me," and so they departed
6 So the blades were sharpened, and the team prepared for battle
7 Then Zimmer came before the Vikings and said verily, "Adrian has passed on to us words of encouragement,"
8 And he read the scrolls which Adrian had sent to them
9 So the Falcons stormed into the village, yet the Vikings defenses held steadfast
10 And Sir Bridgewater led the Vikings into an offensive, and Sir Jarius took up his sword and struck hard, and Sir Asiata made the final blow
11 The Falcons then moved into batle, and the Vikings did swarm King Ryan, and he tossed up his sword to Lord Roddy and he was unguarded, and made a swift assault unto the Vikings
12 But the Vikings were not slowed, as Lord Jennings and Sir Asiata answered again with a strike
13 Then King Julio saw this and came out powerful, and wore down the defenses, and King Ryan evened the battle
14 The Vikings would not stand for this, and Sir Bridgewater ran through the defenses and they had regained the advantage
15 So Sir Jerrick fought into the Falcons camp, but could not reach the end, so rather Sir Blair did strike
16 So then it came again to pass that Sir Blair did attack the defenses
17 But then Lord Hester, longtime rival of the Viking tribe, took his sword and struck viciously
18 Then Sir Antone of the Falcons ran into the Vikings camp and the Falcons gained the advantage
19 The Vikings saw this, and they started to fight back
20 They came within inches of the Falcons base, and Sir Asiata again did deal the crushing blow, then Sir Ellison did fight as well
21 So the Vikings had the advantage once more, and King Ryan prepared to launch an attack
22 Then suddenly Lord Barr charged King Ryan, and crushed him to the cold ground
23 So the battle neared an end, as Sir Blair extended the advantage
24 King Ryan started back oncemore, when Lord Harrison disarmed him of the sword of battle, and again Sir Blair widened the defecit for the Falcons
25 And it came to, that the battle was about to end when King Ryan tossed his sword up once more to Lord Roddy, but Sir Robinson snatched it form the air, and victory was theirs
26 The gjallahorn sounded, and the villagers rejoiced
27 The entire village chanted for Sir Bridgewater, who had lead the tribe to victory and he emerged from the victory, hurt but victorious

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