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Previewing Vikings At Packers Week 5 With Acme Packing Company

Get to know more about the Vikings' upcoming opponent as Daily Norseman chats with Evan "Tex" Western from Packers blog Acme Packing Company.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's Packers week, and a short week at that, so we're trying to supply you with as much content as possible leading up to the Thursday night battle between the Vikes and the Pack.

Earlier today you saw the traditional Five Good Questions between Ted and Jason Hirschorn of Acme Packing Company. We're here again to keep the conversation going--literally.

I'm currently conducting a Q&A with Evan "Tex" Western, the Managing Editor over at APC. Once again we're using ReplyAll to bring you our conversation. It gives you a live feed of our back-and-forth as it's happening. We started this morning and what you see below is what we have thus far. But be sure to check back all the way up to kickoff Thursday to see the latest and greatest of what Tex and I have to say about the game at Lambeau. Our conversation is embedded below and gets updated in real time.

And remember folks--yes, it's the Packers, and yes, we hate them, but let's keep it relatively civil in the comments.