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A Brief Look At Vikings/Packers History

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We've got a quick turnaround this week, so we're getting to this post a little later than usual. We know that these teams have a lot of history, and most of the recent stuff isn't terribly favorable to the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully that will change on Thursday night.

Once again, all of these figures are brought to you by the folks at Pro Football Reference.

Total Games Between the Vikings and the Packers: 107 (105 regular season, 2 post-season)

Head-to-Head Record: Packers, 56-49-2 (55-48-2 regular season, 1-1 post-season)

Total Vikings Points Scored Head-to-Head: 2,085 (19.5 points/game)

Total Packers Points Scored, Head-to-Head: 2,329 (21.8 points/game)

Longest Vikings Winning Streak Against Packers: 7 (2 November 1975 - 22 October 1978)

Longest Packers Winning Streak Against Vikings: 6 (22 October 1961 - 10 November 1963)

Most Recent Vikings Victory in Green Bay: 1 November 2009 (Final score 38-26)

Most Recent Packers Victory in Green Bay: 5 January 2013 (Final score 24-10, post-season)

Biggest Vikings Victory in Green Bay: 24 points, 9 December 1973 (Final score 31-7)

Biggest Packers Victory in Green Bay: 38 points, 14 November 2011 (Final score 45-7)

Once again, we'd go through some of the stats that Vikings' players have put together against the Packers over the years, but. . .well, none of the players that figure to start on Thursday really have a whole lot of stats to speak of. So, we won't.

There's a look back at the history between the Vikings and the Packers. Like I said, hopefully the Vikings will have a more positive page to add to the history book on Thursday night.

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