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Are The Rams Gathering Intel On The Vikings?

The St. Louis Rams have made a couple of curious moves leading up to the Week 1 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Mike Remmers is now on the Rams practice squad. Pretty curious timing.
Mike Remmers is now on the Rams practice squad. Pretty curious timing.
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is such a fun business sometimes.

The Vikings released offensive lineman Mike Remmers and linebacker Larry Dean while paring down their 53-man roster and practice squad. It turns out that both players still might have an impact on the Minnesota Vikings after all.

At least the St. Louis Rams coaching staff hopes they'll have an impact.

First, Chris Tomasson reported that Dean had a workout with the Rams on Thursday:

Certainly curious timing, right? Bringing in a linebacker that was only productive on special teams when you already have such a formidable defense? From the team that you just so happen to be playing on Sunday?

Oh, but the plot thickens. NFL agent Brett Tessler announced this interesting bit of information on Friday morning:

OK Rams, you aren't even trying to hide it anymore. St. Louis is officially running a recon mission on the Vikings. While it's nice that Remmers has found a new home and Dean may follow suit, the timing certainly makes one think that the two players are just pawns in a scheme for the Rams to gather intelligence on their upcoming opponents.

Of course none of this is illegal in any way--Dean and Remmers were free agents and fair game for any team in the NFL. It's just a good round of gamesmanship by the Rams to get any possible edge they can for Sunday's game.