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NFL Week One Late Games Open Thread

Ronald Martinez

Now that the season opener for the Minnesota Vikings is in the books, there are still a couple of games that folks can watch.

There are only two "late" games on the Sunday slate for Week One. In one game, the San Francisco 49ers head to Jerryworld in order to do battle with the Dallas Cowboys. In the other, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host a Carolina Panthers team that will not be starting Cam Newton at quarterback.

The Sunday night game on NBC looks to be a good one as well, as the defending AFC Champions, the Denver Broncos, will open up at home against the Indianapolis Colts. Hey, I'm not sure if you've heard, but Peyton Manning used to play for the Colts. Did you know that?

We'll have a bit more on the game between the Vikings and the Rams coming here shortly. For now, here's your Open Thread to talk about the rest of Week One in the National Football League.