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Another Teddy Bridgewater Highlight Video For Your Enjoyment

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Have to give credit to our friends over at Card Chronicle for this one. I know it seems like we talk a lot about Teddy Bridgewater around here, but the truth is. . .well, damn, why shouldn't we?

I like this video because it starts out with all of the bad mouth that was put on Bridgewater following his Pro Day at Louisville so that we can be reminded of just how ridiculous all of it was. "Oh, his hands are too small." Get out of here with that crap, NFL Network. Seriously.

A lot of the plays in the video are ones that we've seen a lot of times before, but it's always fun to be able to go back and watch them again. I can assure you that the highlights certainly haven't gotten any worse since they occurred during the regular season.

It's enough to make a guy wish that it was July and not January. But, you know, it's perfectly acceptable to be excited for 2015 already. Lord knows we deserve it.