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NFL To Hold "Veteran Combine" In March

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the National Football League announced that they will be holding a "Veteran Combine" for free agents that might not otherwise have an opportunity to work out for teams.

According for former Minnesota Vikings' center Matt Birk, who now serves as the NFL's Director of Football Development, this will serve to fill a sizeable void in the off-season.

"This is the natural evolution of our combine series," NFL director of football development Matt Birk told The Associated Press on Thursday.

. . .

"There's a void there. There was nothing for that guy out there who has one or two or three years in the league and is not with a team and is at the mercy of when the phone rings or when his agent gets him a workout. This will be a forum for these guys to showcase their talents and a service for our clubs instead of [what had been] an inefficient process.''

The combine will take place on 22 March at the Arizona Cardinals' training facilities in Phoenix, the day before the NFL Owners Meetings and at the same location. Players will have to apply for the right to attend the Combine, as well as pay a $400 fee to be a part of the workout session, which will happen in front of representatives from all 32 teams. The league has said they expect to invite around 100 players when everything is all said and done.

During the combine, players will go through position-specific drills and the same sort of timing and testing that happens at the College Scouting Combine every year. It will give players that have been out of the game for a while an opportunity to show that they "still have it" and possibly give them a chance to get another opportunity to make it in the NFL.

I'm almost certain that the NFL will televise this event. If they do, will you be watching?