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Roughing the Podcast - Episode 1

The Daily Norseman rolls out a second podcast, hosted by Di Murphy and Ted Glover

Luft Krigare

We'd like to welcome you to our inaugural 'Roughing the Podcast' show...or Roughing the Podcast...podcast.

Whatever, we'll work on that.

Anyway, Di and I have been knocking around a podcast idea for awhile now, and we could never get things going, for real life can pop up and scuttle the best laid plans and all that. But now that we're underway, our goal is to make one show every other week during the off-season, and then once a week during the regular season and in the lead up to free agency and the draft. We'll try and publish on the same day, but again, real life and whatnot.

In our inaugural episode, we'll recap the Vikings 2014 season, and we'll delve into some individual performances on both sides of the ball.  NOTE: At about the 7:00 mark, Ted loses a battle with technology, and it seems like the feed will go dead. It didn't. It's just him taking about five seconds to regain the upper hand with his phone.

It was an ugly battle, but Ted won.

We'll give our top surprises and disappointments, and from there we'll move on to needs moving forward, and some of our candidates for a first round draft pick for the Vikings. And yeah, we'll talk AP, because we kind of have to.

We also manage to make it through almost the entire show before Di mentions shoes for the first time.

In the future, we'll have guests, but for now, we hope you enjoy the first of what we hope will be many shoes.

Thanks for listening,  Just click on the link below, and we'll have the iTunes info for you in a day or two.

Di and Ted

Roughing the Podcast- Episode 1