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Bill Musgrave Gets Another Offensive Coordinator Job

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

In news that I thought would come sometime after the achievement of peace in the Middle East, former Minnesota Vikings' offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave has landed another OC gig in the National Football League. He's been hired by another former Viking, Jack Del Rio, to serve in that capacity with the Oakland Raiders.

On the surface, Musgrave appears to be a bit of a strange fit for the Raiders. He's taking his largely run-heavy philosophy to a team that had the fewest rushing attempts in the National Football League last season by a significant margin. Their leading rusher last season was Darren McFadden with 534 yards. (The Vikings had two guys rush for more yards than that. . .and neither of them was Adrian Peterson.)

I will say that one thing that Musgrave was pretty adept at was "manufacturing touches" for guys that don't necessarily have a traditional role on the field, but need to get the ball in their hands. Guys like Percy Harvin (and, honestly, what has that guy done without Bill Musgrave and Christian Ponder, not counting the Zombie Brett Favre year) and Cordarrelle Patterson both did fairly well for themselves in the Bill Musgrave system. I don't know enough about the Raiders' roster to speculate on whether they have one of those "Swiss Army knife" types of players or not, but if they do, Musgrave will see to it that they get their opportunities.

So, Bill Musgrave is back in the offensive coordinator's chair in the National Football League. If you're managing a Staples or an Office Depot in the Bay Area, you'd better stock up on 3x5 cards, that's for sure.