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Mike Zimmer: Deflation "Scandal" Really No Big Deal

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There's at least one person out there that doesn't think the New England Patriots deflating footballs in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Well, I'm guessing there's a lot more than one, but there's only one we're really concerned with.

When asked about the hullabaloo at the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, Alabama, Minnesota Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer didn't think the whole thing was that big an issue.

"I think it was like 41-7, right?" Zimmer said Wednesday morning before a Senior Bowl practice in Mobile, Alabama. "I don't think the balls had a lot to do with it."

I get that one team attempting to gain a competitive advantage over another by nefarious means is an issue and everything, but really. . .watching that game, they could have been playing with Nerf footballs and the Patriots still likely would have won by five touchdowns or so.

(And, yes, the score was 45-7. We know.)

This isn't the first time in history that teams have taken liberties. . .so to speak. . .with footballs during an NFL game. Ted already brought up the example of Brad Johnson having balls scuffed up prior to Super Bowl XXXVII. Aaron Rodgers has said that he's had footballs overinflated in the past.

Even our own Minnesota Vikings have manipulated the pigskin on occasion, most notably earlier this season at TCF Bank Stadium against the Carolina Panthers. Sure, Zimmer said that our guys weren't doing it, but really. . .there's no way to tell for sure.

Now that we have a couple of weeks of dead time between now and Super Bowl XLIX, expect this to get even more play for at least the rest of this week. And, yes, expect the "balls" jokes to continue flying fast and furious.

But, seriously, stop calling it "Ballgate" or "Deflategate." Do you know why the Watergate scandal was called "Watergate?" Because it happened at the Watergate Hotel. You know, an explanation that actually makes some sort of freaking sense. Simply slapping "-gate" at the end of a word shouldn't automatically equate to "scandal." Just sayin' is all.