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NFL "Bad Lip Reading" Is Back

The folks from Bad Lip Reading have put together their latest NFL-based installment of their series, and just like first two (which you can watch here and here), there are some pretty good one-liners to be had in this one.

Unfortunately, nobody from the Minnesota Vikings made this most recent installment, but that shouldn't stop you from having a look at this one. I mean, I'm not sure if anything will ever top "Orange Peanut," but overall it's still pretty good.

A lot of the clips this time around appear to be taken from footage of this year's playoffs, which I suppose makes sense. For my money, the best line in the video goes to the referee that can bench press your car, Ed Hochuli. Keep an eye out for him around the 2:10 mark of the video.

In any event, enjoy the video, and who knows. . .maybe in 2015 our favorite football team will be prominent enough to get a role in the next installment.