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Roughing The Podcast, Episode 2

Roughing The Podcast episode 2 recaps the conference championship games, deflated balls, the rest of the NFC North, and all things Vikings

Welcome to Roughing The Podcast, episode 2. Di and I have made it through two episodes, and she hasn't killed me yet, so progress, woo hoo!!

In this episode, we hit on a myriad of topics:

Di makes fun of Ted (rightly so) for picking the Colts in the AFC Championship. From there, we move on to Ballghazi/Deflategate, and how much play that 'controversy' has gotten in comparison to what are, you know, actual problems the NFL likes to whistle past the graveyard on. And then we bag on the Pro Bowl, because the Pro Bowl deserves to be bagged on.

At about 10:45, we move on to the NFC Championship and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Packers. And we also discuss former Vikings that are looking to get their first or second ring with Seattle. And Di brags about mocking children over the outcome of a football game. That's teacher of the year material right there.

At 17:15, we move on to the NFC North, and compare other teams to the Vikings. Basically HAHAHAHAHA Lions and Bears. But we do take a look at the Bears personnel moves and try and see how they'll play out in 2015. (Look, we're equal opportunity mockers here on Roughing the Podcast. If we make fun of one, we make fun of all).

At 30:35, we move on to some Vikings topics of the day. First up: Cordarralle Patterson, and whether or not he'll get it. We then looked at WR depth moving towards the off season and free agency, and where Charles Johnson and Adam Thielen might end up. We also answered a reader question about Duron Carter and whether he might end up on the Vikings.

At 44:10, we move on to Adrian Peterson and try to answer some reader questions about his situation, and we discuss the offensive line and who will be back.

And at 54:40, we wrap it up by answering a question from a reader about Robert Blanton and why I thought he used to be terrible.

A couple things about the show in general: we've gotten everything set up and we're now on iTunes. You can find that link to download us right here.

We're also on Stitcher radio, and you can listen to and download the show here.

And if you would take a minute to rate the show on Stitcher and/or iTunes, we'd appreciate the feedback. Unless, of course, we suck. Then just keep it to yourself.

Also, if we didn't get to your questions on the show, we'll circle back around and answer them either in the post we made a couple days ago or on Twitter if you submitted a question that way.

Anyway, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show.