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Send Us Your Questions

Roughing The Podcast wants to hear from you!

Hey, you!!

Yes, you there. Vikings fan with the questions about...something. Be it the Super Bowl, the draft, free agency, the type of shoes Di wears in the winter, the type of treatment Ted uses to keep kids off of his lawn...the topics are almost limitless.

If you have a question, ask away! There are several ways to get questions to the show, so let's go through them. If you're on Twitter, tweet us at the show's account, @roughthepodcast. Or, if you'd prefer to contact the hosts, you can tweet me or Di at our Twitter accounts, @purplebuckeye, and @DiMurphyMN, respectively.

If you're into the email thing, hit us up at If you're into snail mail...we won't provide an address, because seriously, use electronic methods. It's much faster, and I don't want you people mailing us dog poop.

Because I know someone would coughKylecough. And stamps cost money.

Finally, if you'd rather not do any of that, and just want to ask us a question in the comments below, go right ahead and do that as well. If we get too many questions, we might not get to all of them on the air, but I promise we will circle back and answer your question individually, so hit us up and thanks again for supporting the show!