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Norse Code Podcast Episode #62: Super Bowl Preview, Prop Bets and an Awesome Link Roundup

My favorite set of show notes and episode links this week, as well as an extended discussion on all things Super Bowl—including a guide to Prop Bets

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We do our best to provide a functional Super Bowl preview, but we do talk about the two things that have been capturing the game—deflated balls and Marshawn Lynch's pressers. Regardless, the discussion on matchups, your guide to prop bets and so on should be fun.

These are probably my favorite set of show notes because there are so many good links this week. Check them out!

*****Download Link Here*****

Episode Notes (there are a lot of great links this week):

If you're looking for content I've written this week, look no further! For the Super Bowl, I ranked the top twenty players playing in it, and wrote about their expected impact.

There's also some more recent Adrian Peterson news, specifically about the conditions of his probation. I also have a take on Teddy Bridgwater and the Teddy-wins-Pepsi-Rookie-of-the-Year thing.

I've been ranking free agents all offseason for the Vikings.

Top five coming on Monday.

Lindsey Young at Vikings Territory started a great feature profiling fans. Her most recent one is here on the Purple Pimps, but you should check them all out. You can find them all here.

We also have three full mock drafts up at the site. You can find Adam's here, Brent's here and Brett's here.

Also, the most important Super Bowl link of them all: Conan O'Brien playing Mortal Kombat X with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski

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