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Daily Norseman By The Numbers, 2014

So, with 2014 just having finished, the folks at the mothership put together some of the numbers for various statistics on the site, and I thought I'd share those numbers with you in order to recognize some of our readers for. . .well, I suppose it could be considered excellence in posting and commenting and things of that nature.

We'll start with the numbers for FanShots in 2014, because nobody really does FanShots much any more and most of the folks on this list are moderator/front page types. Here are the Top Ten.

Poster FanShots Posted
Christopher Gates 19
Ted Glover 15
RoyJeeBiv 11
Eric J. Thompson 11
viking22 6
hennen99 5
izziefans 2
medicineball 2
KJSegall 2
Viking_Monson 2

Now for the FanPost listing.

Poster FanPosts Posted
J-Dog: VikingsSuperFan 29
SchlitzMcGee 23
The ShawShiancoe Redemption 20
n s 17
King VI 17
viking22 16
wludford 12
CDougy61 12
RoyJeeBiv 10

And now, the number you've all. . .presumably. . .been waiting for. Here are the top ten Daily Norseman commenters of 2014.

Poster Comments Posted
filbert33 20,181
viking22 13,283
J-Dog: VikingsSuperFan 11,101
Mondo Peregrino 7,804
Gone Fishin' 7,424
Grime 6,772
tiredviking 6,701
SkolTroll 6,640
supavike1 5,595
warrior80 5,121

To put fil's number of comments into the proper perspective, I've been running this site since July of 2006, approximately 8 1/2 years. During that time period, I've made 15,361 comments (according to my profile). So fil managed to post more comments in 2014 alone than I have in all that time.

Also, props to viking22 for being the only person to make it onto all three lists.

I don't know any of the stats beyond the Top Ten on each of these, but I thought I'd bring you those. Congratulate or provide condolences at your leisure, ladies and gentlemen!